Shipments to volunteer distributors are on hold but they may indeed resume. If you're interested (and patient!), please sign up for the newsletter & I'll keep you posted about what's happening and how to be part of it.


1. How does it work?

I send you some books (usually about 5 copies), and you go to your local bookstores and libraries and place them on the shelves.

2. Where do you need distributors?

Everywhere! I will send books to you anywhere in the world. Even if other distributors are working in your area, we still need you. Keeping the book in stores over time means many visits to each site. Every store has hundreds of places where someone could leave a book.

3. What kinds of sites should I choose?

Anywhere you would normally find books, anywhere where books are sold whatever sort of store it might be, any library. I'm particularly looking for distributors with access to private libraries such as university or corporate libraries.

4. Do I have to persuade the bookstores and libraries to take part in the project?

No. You simply enter the site and discreetly place the books where you wish.

5. What if I am questioned or stopped?

Explain that you're participating in a public art project, and briefly describe FREE WORDS. If the salesperson or librarian is interested in participating, continue on with what you're doing. If not, simply leave and go on to another site. I've never actually been questioned by anyone.

6. What part of the store or library do I put them in?

That's up to you. Generally the book is filed alphabetically under FREE whenever practical.

7. What about photographs?

Photographs of site placements are always welcome, but not required.

8. What about the pink stickers?

Distributors will get a bunch of stickers (which are also mailable postcards w/info on the back). Where conditions permit, these can be put up near sites. They can also be slipped between the pages of books & magazines, mailed to friends, etc.

9. Is there anything else I have to do?

Just email me a list of the sites where you've placed books, including the name, street, and town of the site dates, how many books you left, and roughly where in the site they were placed. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the project. There will be parties.

10. Can I keep a copy of the book for myself.?

Of course.

11. How do I sign up?

Sign up for the newsletter and we'll let you know when we're ready to send out a new batch of books. Shipments have been rather irregular lately, but we working towards sending something out monthly. Follow instructions in the newsletter to sign up for the books we have available.

Virgin Megastore Union Square 10/22/01
New York


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