Kathe Izzo - writer, lover and conceptual artist will freely fall in love with you, unconditionally and with unmitigated passion, for one day. On this day you will be in energetic contact with Kathe throughout the day. You will not be rushed and you will share your day with no one, unless you choose the advanced love option. There is no need for any physical contact. Satisfaction guaranteed. For for further options, more information and an appointment schedule please call: 508-487-6341 or email



Kathe Izzo is a poet and conceptual artist whose preferred mediums are the ties that bind: childhood, motherhood, sex, love and community. Her poetry, memoirs and short fiction have been published in numerous journals and anthologies including the recent AROUSED, edited by Karen Finley/Thundersmouth Press, and well as the AMERICAN BIBLE OF OUTLAW POETRY, BLOOD AND TEARS/poems for Matthew Shephard, and THE BEST OF THE BEST LESBIAN EROTICA. Transcripts of some of her early performances have been included in the recent Jack Smith collection of writings, MEET ME AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POOL, published by Serpent's Tail Press and edited by J. Hoberman, film critic for The Village Voice. She was the recipient of two consecutive Massachusetts Cultural Council awards for her Shadow Writing Project, a collaborative writing program for youth at risk, through which she published FLICKER, a series of teen writing journals and continues to work as a youth advocate, currently developing a national youth playwrights festival, targeted to premiere in Spring 2003.

Izzo's elegant installations, both confrontational and emotionally intimate, incorporate her physical presence with both the natural and sacred worlds. Laying in fragile tableaus for anywhere from 3-5 days with only periodic breaks for movement, she works in a meditative atmosphere that challenges the protective beliefs between limitation and liberation. She recently received a grant through the Provincetown Community Compact's 100 Artists Project for her historic timeline: SPIRAL OF HOME 2, a collaborative installation working with 33 men and boys, born and raised in Provincetown, ages 0-96, opening April 26, 2002 at the Silas-Kenyon Gallery in the Schoolhouse Center in Provincetown (

"(Kathe Izzo) makes intensely private work that oddly lets lets the world walk around in it . . . It‚s oddly heavy and comic and deliberately perverse . . . (She) puts her words and body on the line more than any other contemporary artist I know."

Eileen Myles

"Her construction(s) make the point that there are many different ways to see the same thing. As metaphors, (they) signal both refuge and transition. . . beginning and end . . . entrance and exit . . . a place to crawl into and a place to escape from . . ."

Jim Cory, author "Rivers Grow Small: Some Notes on Destination and Place"



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