The work explores changing notions about "Being @ HOME". The aim is to build a space for speculation where people can express their excitement and/or anxiety about this topic. Contemporary nomadism and its effect on memory, place and presence intersect with current practices in architecture and new technologies. Visitors share thoughts in three archives. The evolving public discourse builds the work's content.

A dwelling made of bread and its parasitic invasion is used to reveal the participant's psychological and physiological relationship to home. Host/Guest relations are established between artist, architects, and people online.

The site features streaming video of architects discussing a social paradigm where technology affects aspects of domestic life in new ways. HOME TRANSFER is an ongoing web project by Canadian artists Pad Badani. It has been selected by Rhizome for its online Art Base and presented in the following events on electronic art

-Watershed Media Center: Net_Working (Bristol and London, UK)

-MEDI@TERRA _01,De-Globalization/Re-Globalization (Greece, the Balkans, Germany)

-MECAD 2001, Media Center, NETaforas v.3 ( Barcelona, Spain)

-ISEA 2000, Revelations (Paris, France).

Production team: Dmitry Strakovsky, Ozgun Ozguc, Carrie Mandel, Todd Margolis, and Jeff Holmes.




Pat Badani is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist. She counts with over 60 international exhibitions in museum and contmporary art centers. Currently she is on a major Canada Council New Media Research Grant developing "Where are you from?". The project deals with "outsiderness" in physical and cyber-geographies. Interviews in 5 countries are conducted for an Internet-based grid.

Other major works include "Home Transfer", an ongoing web project exploring the intersection of home, architecture and new technologies, shown in New Media screenings on digital technology in Paris, Barcelona, London, Bristol, Bangkok, Athens, Lavrion, Sofia, Belgrade, Maribor, Osnabruck and Frankfurt. "Tower-Tour", a large-scale installation project investigating spatial notions related to the city and the territory shown at the Canadian Cultural Center in Paris, France in 1997. "Géographiques", grouping contemporary artists dealing with geographical notions - Richard Long, Peter Fend, Art & Language, Sophie Ristelheuber and Luciano Fabro - held at the FRAC et Palazzu Nazionale in Corsica. Pat Badani currently lives in Chicago, USA. She has lived in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, the USA, Canda, and France. She has an MFA from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago and a BFA from the University of Alberta, Canada.


I create works that investigate multiple levels of containing space. I address elemental issues of contemporary life to reveal aspects of personal and social space.

I am interested in exploring world making. I question how many worlds are there? What are worlds made of? How are they made? My works represent a continuum of my life experiences in different geographies and languages.The works are structured by a critical approach to notions of frontiers, fields and networks. I investigate these notions in both physical and virtual spaces.

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