April 04 – May 05, 2002

culture v. 1. to cultivate. 2. to grow living matter in a specially prepared nutrient medium.

Glowlab is pleased to announce its first group show, featuring the work of 14 artists, musicians and writers. The exhibition includes drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, video and audio works.

A recent project of Brooklyn artist Christina Ray and musician Krou (Patrick Krouchian), glowlab is organized primarily as an online space for presenting the work of a changing selection of artists. Each season a new group will be invited to show current projects in a spirit of experimentation and collaboration. The idea is to provide the above-referenced ‘nutrient medium,’ or web-based location, and see what kind of creative culture develops in it.

Open Lab includes work in a variety of media by artists from New York, California, London, Tokyo and Valencia, Spain. Highlights include Tokyo artist Chisato Saitou’s rice ‘drawings’ on clear vinyl, Heidi Cody’s fast-food signage-inspired mixed media work, Sharilyn Neidhardt’s short black and white video “Screen Test,” a humorous look the film audition process, and Spanish artist Roberto Mollá’s graph paper drawings of computers and friendly aliens.


An opening reception will be held in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) on Friday, April 5th from 6 – 9pm, at 75 Roebling Street. The building is 2 blocks east of the Bedford stop on the L train, on the corner of Roebling Street and N. 7th Street. The exhibition will be open Thursday April 4th – Sunday, April 7th 12 – 6pm, and by appointment thereafter.



Brooklyn artist Heidi Cody’s digital print-based work, which deals with grocery product graphics, elicits conscious recognition of the pervasive nature of branding, marketing and advertising. She is currently investigating abstractions of corporate logos and experimenting with different forms of signage.

Lisa Creagh, living and working in London, uses a variety of techniques to produce photographic images of figures appearing in ambiguous, almost virtual, spaces such as underground passages and ghostly chambers.

Tokyo’s Goujinmaru Hayashi creates site-specific installations that utilize magnets and kinetic elements. His work explores spatial perception with delicate hand-made objects that often hover in space or travel across rooms.

Alexandra Huddleston lives in Brooklyn; her photographs balance an observer’s perspective with an intimate look at daily life in Cuba, where she has traveled extensively. For this exhibition she has developed her own color prints of photographs taken in Cuba in December, 2001.

Brooklyn musician and glowlab co-founder Krou (Patrick Krouchian) offers a selection of original audio recordings. His sometimes-melancholy trip-hop and film-noir-inspired melodies can also be heard on the glowlab website.

Peter Lasell is a musician and visual artist; he’ll spin original tracks at the opening reception and exhibit graphite works on paper, which use an economy of line to describe an abundance of goods in a series entitled ‘Yardsale.’

Roberto Mollá lives in Valencia, Spain but travels and exhibits frequently in Tokyo. His paintings, photographs and drawings on graph paper incorporate video game graphics, pixelated images, alien creatures and references to Japanese pop culture.

Sharilyn Neidhardt
, a Brooklyn-based artist working in media including painting, photography and video, presents her short black and white video “Screen Test,” a humorous look the film audition process.

Nana Onishi’s
work focuses on perceptions of beauty and the transitional process leading to decay. Here she presents photographs of her mixed media work juxtaposing fresh flowers and raw sausage. These photographs were included in the 2001 Venice Biennale’s Markers banner event. Onishi lives in Brooklyn.

Javier Piñón
, a Brooklyn artist, brings to light tensions in the masculine traditions of his combined Texan and Cuban background. His paintings, drawings and collages portray the often violent interactions of cowboys, boxers and matadors.

Glowlab co-founder and Brooklyn artist Christina Ray makes paintings, photographs and text-based works. She combines these media in exploring the perception of the self in space, from the mental landscape of memory to the physical documentation of a street-corner.

The cutting and pasting techniques of collage direct California artist Jim Ringley’s painting process. He collects images which, separated from their purposive contexts, become available to represent his view of the world as a seemingly limitless arena of enigmatic beauty.

Tokyo artist Chisato Saitou creates delicate ‘drawings’ of airplanes, chairs, and other common objects by gluing individual rice grains to clear vinyl sheets. She often creates floor-to-ceiling installations that provide an engaging atmosphere of shadow-play and reflection.





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