The Coaster Project: Destination, the World

Between March 9 and May 19, 2002, 99+ artists will transcend geographical, political and cultural boundaries to stage 99+ exhibitions throughout the world. Afterwards, all 10,000+ art works will be given away in the guise of “coasters” at bars, cafes and restaurants. Be there.

In the year 2000, the artists-run organization TransCultural Exchange launched its first highly successful “Coaster Project” at the London Biennale, followed by a second coaster project in conjunction with their show at New York City’s Trans Hudson Gallery. For both exhibits, the members made art works in the form of coasters that were exhibited and then distributed, free of charge, under unsuspecting patrons’ drinks at Cynthia’s Cyberbar in London and the Telephone Bar in New York.

As part of a public outreach program with the Fuller Museum of Art, in the spirit of artistic independence and good will, between March 9 and May 19, 2002, TransCultural Exchange has organized this current “The Coaster Project, Destination: The World” in which 99 artists, working together, have transcended geographic, political and cultural boundaries to stage 99 trans-global exhibitions, culminating in over 10,000 art works freely given away around the globe. The aim of the effort is to create an international, public forum through these exhibitions and related events where people from all parts of the world can realize that not only can positive things happen when people work together, but that art can act as a reflection of the common denominator that unites us all—the basic human desire to express ourselves through images.

This venture was open to the first 99 artists who agreed to participate by making 100 coaster sized art works (that could double as coasters) as well as arranging a satellite exhibition for each of the participants in their home town and, at the end of that exhibition, arranging to have the art works freely given away in cafes, restaurants or other similar establishments. Using such unconventional means, the artists are working together to bring international art directly to the life of their communities.


The Coaster Project will be a part of the FREE BIENNIAL OPENING PARTY on April 2, 8PM - Midnight at the Frying Pan MAP AND DIRECTIONS

For other locations please visit the COASTER PROJECT WEBSITE


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