I was told never to give my artwork away. Why? If the art is free it will not be considered valuable to the recipient. I have tried to understand this concept, and have come to the conclusion that within the context of our culture this is for the most part true. Those things given freely in our culture are under the suspicion of being a subversive form of advertising, with the ultimate goal of selling something in the future. Therefore the "free" thing has strings, of course because of the creators needs for material possessions to stabilize his or her environment.

I think most of this type of argument is superfluous in the long term. The manifestation of the artwork is that which survives, the commerce behind it cannot survive the test of time. The artist doesn't seek financial renumeration as justification, only that the work has successfully communicated to the artist as well as the audience.

The recipients acceptance and enjoyment of the work is the ultimate validation to the artist. The works effect is proportional to its dissemination within the environment of the viewer.

Therefore, I present my work to you for "free", as the work was given to me freely. This freedom requires dissemination by the viewer, and the time to consider how that artwork fits within the zeitgeist of the viewers perception. So freedom has a greater cost than money, it requires a sensibility and responsibility far beyond the collection of a "valuable" object.

Michael Krasowitz



I will set up a small table in chelsea with a stack of prints that will be offered for free. I will be around from 12 to 3 on saturday the 6th of april.


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