anti-smokers-sp01 is a selfportrait of the author relating to a smoker's conditioning in an environment conditioned on anti-smoking and the conditioning of a non-smokers' environment by a smoker's dispostions. interactivity focuses on the personal use & view of the user. anti-smokers-sp01 can be viewed as a classical photo series or - by moving the scrollbar up & down in an individual rhythm - as animated movie in 8 parts, each developing a different rhythm through the user's emotional & sensual approach. Is there more to health than health- and anti-health questions ? More to moral than moral- and anti-moral questions ? Truth- and anti-truth questions ? Do individual approaches to perception maybe contain more authenticity & reality than theories & classified approaches of perception ? alexandra reill 2002





an online collage referring to ongoing war nyc / vienna / 1992 / 2002 NY9202 relates to the catastrophy of 11 / 09 / 02 and its consequences as an seemingly unending conflict between two old and redundant views of life, as an ongoing war of the rich for power and capital and a war of the poor for equal rights, freedom of belief and stable economics. during a visit of N.Y.C. in 1992 a collage book of collected materials from commercials combined with notes, markers' drawings and acrylic paintings relating to daily / normal life and characteristic aspects of N.Y.C. emerged. the ongoing war between the U.S. and the muslim world transforms the look at life in N.Y.C. and everybody's life in the western world. images of poverty and suffering, of war and hunger do not bear any gimmicks or decoration and cannot be erased from anybody's mind. Daily life is not the same any more cannot believe in warfare but definitely believes in peaceful solutions and equal human rights for everybody and every culture. NY9202 is meant to be a piece expressing deep concern about global developments and raising a voice for peace and against war. concept / drawings / collage: alexandra reill, 1992 / 2002 production:, 2002




Y.O.B. 1962 Vienna/Austria - Austrian Citizenship


1997-1998 WIFI Multimedia Academy Vienna postgraduate education, fulltime studies in the production of websites, CD-ROMs and multimedia HTML, Java Script, Lingo, SQL, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Freehand, ImageReady, Pagemaker, X-Press, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Macromedia Director, Flash, Quicktime, Adobe Premiere, Real Audio, Cool Edit, Cubase, Ulead Media Studio

1984-1987 School of Textile Design Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

1981-1987 Master’s Degree in Interpretation & Translation of Russian & English Dipl. Dolm., University of Vienna

Work Experience

1996- Media Production & Content Management

2001- online new media forum concept, instructional & screen design, translation & content, organization & marketing NEW MEDIA LINE online exhibition referrering to the line as an interactive and visual component in new media art concept, screen design, organization, marketing NY9202 visual online collage referring to ongoing war concept, visuals, screen design anti-smokers-sp01 interactive online project featuring a digital photo portrait series concept, graphics, screen design 2 S.P.I.N.Y. online versions / VPN and databank application concept, screen design S.P.I.N.Y. publishing of an interactive photo feature on CD-ROM, first Austrian interactive feature script funded by the MEDIA Program of the European Community Film Funding Board concept, script, instructional & screen design, production management for prototyping 1999-2000 UNIQA Group Austria head of web department production management quality control of automated online contracting IBM Websphere module connecting with backoffice systems content management, concepts for interactive online games content management, development of road tax calculator content management, concept & structural design of client specified knowledge management tool, implemented in Lotus Notes UNIQA Street Soccer Cup 2000 content management, video streaming at finale content management, structural redesign content management structural & screen design content management content management, development of online countdown quiz 1999 screen design, editing, CI for Hackhofer GmbH, development & design of the CD-Rom VPN 1998-1999 Monitor [computer magazine] promotions, PR campaigns and graphic solutions for HW and SW clients 1998 multimedia ? screen design, translation & editing 1998 concept & screen design [offline, please see portfolio] 1998 structural design, editing [offline, please see portfolio] 1997 concept, screen design, editing [offline, please see portfolio] 1996-1997 kanon zeitgenössischer gegenstände series of 11 exhibitions on contemporary design in cooperation with the gallery of contemporary jewelry V&V, vienna concept, funding, organization, PR, graphic design, editing

1988-1995 Costume Design for Feature Films, TV Series, TV Spots, Industrial Films

1994-1995 Polizeiruf 133 TV feature produced by ORF Austria costume design 1994 Zigeunerleben TV feature produced by Fritz Productions, vienna costume design 1993-1994 Lieben wie gedruckt TV series [13 parts] produced by Satel Vienna-Munich costume design 1992-1993 Die Leute von Sankt Benedikt TV series [13 parts] produced by Satel Vienna-Munich costume design 1992 Jubilee Tatort for Fritz Eckhardt TV feature produced by Scheiderbauer, vienna, directed by Wolfgang Glueck costume design 1991 Giulia feature film produced by Lhotsky Film, vienna costume assistance 1991 Jules Vernes feature film produced by Walt Disney Productions, featuring Michel Piccoli, Jeremy Irons, Michel Bauchau wardrobe assistance to Jeremy Irons and Michel Bauchau 1991 Beruehmte Erfinder, Folge 13 Austrian contribution to the Rose of Montreux Competition, produced by DoRo Vienna costume design 1990 Oesterreichische Fremdenverkehrswerbung industrial film for the Board of Tourism produced by EPO Vienna, directed by Curt Faudon costume design

1987-1990 Costume & Stage Design for Drama

1984-1987 Translations




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