AC/DC Window is a solar powered kinetic sculpture by William and Kathleen Laziza located at The Micro Museum on the second floor at 123 Smith Street in Downtown Brooklyn. It is free to the veiwing public and is operational (weather depending) 10 am - 10 pm. The work operates in two ways. There are 2 panels associated with the sculpture. One collects power for daily operation. The second panel collects energy for nightime playback capability.


The Micro Museum is located at 123 Smith Street between Dean and Pacific Streets in Downtown Brooklyn. It is close to the F & G subway lines at the Bergen Street exit. The Micro MUseum is less than 2 blocks from the subway station. It is within a short walking distance to BAM, the Brooklyn Bridge and MetroTech Center.


William and Kathleen Laziza are the founding artists of the Micro Museum - an working lab for hundreds of Tri-State artists. They are interdisciplinary artists working in kinetic sculpture, performance art, video art and applied creativity through technology. Their work was selected by the NY TImes to be the example of "Art of the Future" for their Millennium section published January 1, 2000. They were the DCTV's first cyber-artists in residence for 2001. Now they offer a monthly guided tour of their interactive installations on "Odd Sundays" (next dates are April 21, May 19 and June 23). In January 2002, Odd Sunday received a feature article in Time Out NY's Around Town section. The article by Beth Greenfield was entitled "Small Wonder"


As interdisciplinary artists we are inspired by the quality of the ingredients used to make our independent work. For example in our latest video art work "The Crystal Box", we featured the improvisational music from Ghosts of the Canal and the specialized dancing from members of the Laziza Electrique Dance Co. We then mixed these images virtually and literally through visual instruments that fragment or distort the captured images and transformed them into textural patterns by mapping their forms onto 3d shapes. This example of work is quite different than other pieces we have created which utilizes sound techonology and communications as well as interactive visual art. We are proudly uncatagorical and feel that we represent a 21st century attitude toward towards art, object and objective.

Our interest in solar energy began in the early 1970's when we first designed solar fountains and other kinetic devises. AC/DC Window has been operational since 1994 in a variety of configurations. As artists we are interested in new applications and discussions revolving around energy. To see more examples of our solar powered art check out - look for William and Kathleen Laziza's art either through the archives or as part of the past artists catagory.

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